Speed Ski Program

Podium Ski Service offers the most comprehensive speed ski program available. 

It takes more than just cycles of waxing to turn your skis into rockets.  We use all the tools and techniques used on the World Cup, including:

  • BBQ brushing
  • sanding
  • fibertex
  • hot boxing
To unleash the gliding potential of your skis, the bases must be “opened” using steel brushes, then gently polished by sanding and fibertexing. Between each step the bases are cleaned and hot boxed to ensure maximum wax penetration and bonding. 

World Cup technicians use these techniques, not only to prep new skis but squeeze more speed and acceleration out of fast skis. 

Need a regrind?  We can help choose the right grind whether you have one ski that needs to be fast in all conditions or you have a quiver of skis for different conditions.